Why Millies Wolfheart

It is believed that all dogs have the same ancestry which is the “Wolf”, while this may be true for some breeds there are thousands of years between these links, let’s not forget that most domesticated dogs would indeed perish if they were to inhabit the wilderness of the Wolf!

In the wild, the wolf is predominantly a meat eater with semi digested plant matter making up only a part of their diet (in the form of animal stomachs and intestines), add this to thousands of years of domestication a wolfs diet would probably not be suitable for a modern dog and I certainly cannot see a Chihuahua or a Pug taking down a Deer or an Elk, can you? That being said the modern dog still has a need for quality protein.

While Millies Wolfheart shows no physical resemblance to its natural ingredients, its contents and most importantly its nutritional value does. For many years people have purchased dog food based on the protein content, while this can be seen as a good reason, the reality is that not all proteins are created equal. This is why quality “meat/fish proteins only” are of upmost importance.

Meat from any source contains protein and its quantity in a raw state ranges from 13% up to 35%. While protein content is extremely important its source is the key. It is possible to buy high protein dog food that has no meat in it what so ever as all its protein originates from plants and this can be very cheap but again all proteins are not equal. Meat and fish contains “complete proteins” which is what dogs need, while almost all other plant based proteins are classed as “incomplete proteins” and in most cases are not digestible for your dog or take too long to digest which is pointless as the dog will pass the food through its system too quickly, these are added simply to boost the protein figures on the label as meat derived protein is considerably more expensive and not profitable enough.

Protein is broken down into essential amino acids (essential means the dog is unable to produce them) which help build and maintain muscles, stimulates growth and the immune system, strength, metabolism and so on, so the type of protein is very important if you want a long lived and healthy dog.

The dogs digestive system is somewhat under developed in comparison to that of a human and for this reason Millies Wolfheart only uses large quantities of meat and fish for the valuable proteins they contain to ensure your dog gets what it needs.

The quantity of protein in Millies Wolfheart is based on the amount that would be available in the wild and this is achieved by simply using plenty of meat or fish in both dry and wet form.