Millies Wolfheart is a company who truly love animals. The very foundation of our business was built on the aspiration to provide the best food possible for our own pets. We have gone to great lengths to establish and uphold our stringent ethical practices. So when it comes to the well-being of animals we refuse to cut corners, or look the other way. From the day we began we embraced the principles of the Farm Animal Welfare Council. At every opportunity we convey the five freedoms, because nothing less will do. We believe that animal welfare refers to fitness and a sense of well-being, both physical and mental. Any animal under the care of man must be afforded protection from needless suffering. Regardless if the animal is on a farm, in transit, at market or at a place of slaughter its welfare and suffering must be considered and prevented. These freedoms provide a framework to which welfare can be measured.

  1. Freedom from Thirst & Hunger - We believe that every animal should have access to fresh water, and a diet suitable for providing health and vitality to them.
  2. Freedom from Discomfort - We believe that every animal should have a place to rest that is sheltered, comfortable and suitable for their needs.
  3. Freedom from Pain - We believe that every animal should receive prompt treatment for injury, illness and pain. No animal should be made to suffer needlessly.
  4. Freedom of Expression - We believe that every animal has the right to express normal behaviour. Every animal should have adequate space, proper facilities, and freedom to socialise with the animal’s own kind.
  5. Freedom from Fear - We believe that every animal should live without fear. Conditions and treatment that cause mental anguish or suffering are never acceptable.

All of our products are created with these five principles in place. The welfare of an animal includes its physical and mental state and we consider that good animal welfare implies both fitness and a sense of well-being. Any animal kept by man, must at least, be protected from unnecessary suffering.

Without exception our ingredients come from animals which have been passed as fit for human consumption by accredited veterinarians. We only source from registered abattoirs whose operations adhere to our exacting standards of animal welfare.

Carbon Netural

Millies Wolfheart are wholly committed to reducing our carbon footprint to the lowest possible levels. Our courier is zero rated and many of our treats are produced using natural methods including air-drying and carbon-neutral ovens. In an effort to minimize our wastage we recycle anything we can, be it cardboard or old pallets.

Animal Testing

The only animal testing we condone is our own dogs and cats who happily taste the delicious creations we make. Have no fear, they thoroughly and willingly check the quality of our products for us. Since we use nothing less than human grade ingredients, further testing is unnecessary.

Our Promise To You

All our recipes are formulated without; Gluten, Grain, Rice, Chicken or Eggs, Beet pulp, Synthetic Preservatives or Additives. We refuse to bulk our foods with by-products, fillers or derivatives. We do not use ingredients commonly linked to intolerances or allergies in dogs and cats. Our foods are high in meat/fish protein. This level of nutrition is expensive to produce, but we are committed making our products as affordable as possible. We place more importance on nourishing animals, with the best food possible, than making money. The truth in this can be found by looking at many of the lower quality foods on the market, a great deal cost above Millies Wolfheart’s pricing. If you’re ever in doubt, then simply look at the list of ingredients. This is the true measure of quality and not what the food cost.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require further information