1. Millies Wolfheart Whitefish Biscuits
    Millies Wolfheart Whitefish Biscuits

    Our finest luxury Whitefish biscuit for dogs.

  2. Millies Wolfheart Salmon Biscuits
    Millies Wolfheart Salmon Biscuits

    Our finest luxury Salmon biscuit for dogs.

  3. Luxury Whitefish Cakes
    Luxury Whitefish Cakes

    100% White Fish
    The perfect smelly recall treat

  4. Whitefish Skin and Seaweed Burgers
    Whitefish Skin and Seaweed Burgers

    A premium fish skin treat, with organic hand-harvested Irish Kelp seaweed.

  5. Salmon Bites
    Salmon Bites

    100% Salmon. A crunchy fish treat packed with natural goodness

  6. Fishy Bites
    Fishy Bites

    100% White Fish Skins. Low Fat and great for cleaning teeth

  7. Capelin

    100% Capelin. Air dried to ensure all the healthy oils and goodness are preserved

    Out of stock
  8. Wolfie Fish Skin Bars
    Wolfie Fish Skin Bars

    100% White Fish Skins
    Great for teeth cleaning

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