Dog Treats

  1. Millies Salmon Sausage
    Millies Salmon Sausage

    100% Salmon Sausage

  2. Millies Venison Sausage
    Millies Venison Sausage

    100% Venison Sausage

  3. Moo Chews
    Moo Chews

    100% Beef. Naturally high in chondroitin

    Out of stock
  4. Millies Wolfheart Whitefish Biscuits
    Millies Wolfheart Whitefish Biscuits

    Our finest luxury Whitefish biscuit for dogs.

  5. Millies Wolfheart Salmon Biscuits
    Millies Wolfheart Salmon Biscuits

    Our finest luxury Salmon biscuit for dogs.

  6. Buffalo Ears
    Buffalo Ears

    100% Buffalo
    A great, long lasting chewy treat

  7. Whistleblower Sections
    Whistleblower Sections

    100% Beef
    Naturally high in glucosamine and chondroitin

  8. Lamb Head Skins
    Lamb Head Skins

    100% Lamb
    Natural, chewy treat

  9. Country Sausage Bites
    Country Sausage Bites

    Beef, Pork with Venison

  10. Semi-moist Fishy Hearties
    Semi-moist Fishy Hearties

    60% White Fish
    Semi moist

    Out of stock
  11. Semi-moist Turkey Hearties
    Semi-moist Turkey Hearties

    60% Turkey
    Semi moist

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