Q. My dog is not gluten free, is Millies Wolfheart still suitable?

Yes, your dog doesn't have to be a gluten free dog to eat Millies Wolfheart. Dogs don’t need gluten in their diet at all, gluten is simply a protein found in wheat and grains it has been used in dog food over the past several decades as a cheap alternative to bulk out the food. Unfortunately for the dog many are now showing intolerances and allergic reactions and in some extreme cases show aggression as well.

Q. Why is there so much protein in Millies Wolfheart?

Protein is the single most important part of your dogs diet. Millies has been produced to provided your dog with what we believe is the optimum amount of proteins together with natural vitamins and minerals which would be achievable in the wild. There are some other brands of dog food which contain higher amounts of protein but to be honest these higher levels are not achievable in the wild as no meat contains more than 35% protein.

DISPELL THE MYTHS... High meat quality protein do not lead to behavioural problems it is an outdated myth. Quality meat protein is vital for proper functionality being the most important nutrient in the diet from proper brain function to overall development Generally dogs on higher meat protein diet are calmer as they have a constant supply of nutrients unlike inadequate low quality protein diet ( grains, gluten and vegetable proteins )

Q. I have been told Millies is to high in protein, is this true?

A, No, for example we will use our Countryside Mix, an adult dog weighing 45kg Millies would recommend around 400g per day, this 400g daily allowance contains 124g of protein, now should a dog of the same weight be fed a raw meat diet of say 2% of body weight this would be around 900g per day, most raw contains an average of 14% protein (depending on supplier) this would add up to around 126g of protein.

Q. Where does the protein come from in Millies Wolfheart?

All the protein in Millies Wolfheart Adult working and sporting dog food complete comes from Scottish farmed Salmon, British Lamb , Duck, Trout and French Rabbit only. We don’t believe in vegetable proteins as most of them are incomplete and they are of little use to your dog. We also don’t believe in sourcing our meat protein from other countries around the World simply to cut costs unlike many of our competitors, as we want our dog food to have the smallest carbon footprint possible. The only meat meal we buy from outside the UK is Rabbit as it is not farmed here in the UK and as we sell a large amount of food and treats to France we think it balances our foot print.

Q. Why are proteins so important?

Complete proteins found in meat provide all the essential amino acids you dog needs to live a healthy and active life, these essential amino acids aid growth, help build and repair muscles, stimulate the brain and provide all the energy your dog needs, in fact they do pretty much everything.

Q. Why is there so much meat in Millies Wolfheart?

Quite simply, the more meat in a dogs diet, the less carbohydrates there are. Unlike humans dogs don’t need carbohydrates to live a healthy life unless they use it for energy purposes, but unfortunately meat is expensive and certain carbohydrates are relatively cheap. Many other brands have very little meat content in them and in our view are not suitable for most dogs.

While your dog is active this is not that much of a problem as your dog will utilize the Carbohydrates as energy but as your dog gets older and less active weight can become a big issue, further to this your dog has a very simple digestive system and over time you may find it becomes intolerant to certain carbohydrates and fillers such as wheat, barley, rice, corn and so on. After all your dog doesn’t have the teeth to eat these ingredients naturally so in the wild they don’t.

Q. Why does Millies Wolfheart seem more expensive in comparison to other dog food?

Although our food may seem more expensive as we have used only the best ingredients, you don’t have to feed as much, which in the long run our food works out considerably cheaper.

Q. Please could you let me know how you cook your kibble. Do you steam, bake or fry it?

Our food is produced in the normal way which is first mixed then forced through an extruder which is heated gently by steam at low temps this way all the natural goodness is retained in the food itself.

Q. The salmon, how many chemicals are used in production?

In answer to your question, I can confirm that no growth promoting chemical are used in the production of our Salmon what so ever

Q. I notice you use sweet potato in your dog food. Is this a good food for dogs?

Sweet potato is very good for dogs, they are packed full of antioxidants, have great anti inflammatory benefits, and also are Anti diabetic, they stabilize blood sugars, they also have a multitude of vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin A,C,B and manganese, copper, potassium and iron.

Q. Why dont you use oats, barley or rice in your food?

We don’t believe in feeding any sort of grain such as wheat, barley, rice, corn and especially oats (commercially harvested oats cannot be classed as gluten free) some dog food produces state their food is hypoallergenic and gluten free when oats are included in the ingredients, this of course is misrepresentation., these fillers give no benefit to the dog as they only contain incomplete proteins which are not digestible and of course they are full of carbohydrates which dogs do not need what so ever

Q. How did you decide what Millies Wolfheart ingredients were going to be?

We started off with a wish list then painstakingly researched every ingredient to make sure is was natural and healthy for the dog. We specifically excluded any ingredient that was questionable as we wanted to ensure our food was as good as it could be. We then spent several weeks with a top UK nutritionist to ensure the diet was perfectly balanced. This whole process took about two years.

Q. Why are there sometimes variances in Millies Kibbles?

Millies Wolfheart is made with all natural ingredients in small batches. Therefore there are small variances in colour, shape and size although the kibble will still provide the same levels of taste and nutrition.h

Q. Why Salmon?

This is for three main reasons, firstly northern coldwater fish such as salmon contains the most easily digestible and beneficial protein’s known to man with the added benefit of Omega 3 and 6, secondly we know exactly where our Salmon has come from its farmed in Scotland and that it has been grown specifically for our food without the use of chemical growth hormones and thirdly we wanted our protein source to be produced for our food, not a by product of industry unlike the majority of our competitors.

Q. Can I use Millies as a mixer with raw meat?

There is no reason why you can not it is down to personal choice, but you will need to work out exactly how much to feed, To split feed simply use 50 % meat to 50% Millies this way you can control the protein intake and also the weight by simply adjusting the ratio. If your dog is putting weight on simply reduce the Millies, and if your dog is losing weight increase the Millies. For example 40kg ~ 400 grams of raw to 184 grams of Millies per day dependant on recipe.h

Q. What preservatives are used in Millies Wolfheart?

Natural Tocopherols are used as a natural preservative Tocopherols (part of the vitamin E family) are powerful antioxidants and are the natural preservative used in our working and sporting dog food. Tochopherols are able to slow down the spoilage of food.

Q. Is the lamb rabbit & duck all sourced in the UK?

Where possible we try to source all our ingredients from the UK, unfortunately Rabbit is not financially viable to produce in the UK as there is very little demand, we source our rabbit from across the English Channel in France, we are quite happy with this as we export quite a lot of dog food there and we believe it equals out the cross channel trade.

Q. What is salmon and lamb gravy?

During the manufacturing process steaming the kibble juices are collected, imagine roasting a piece of meat with all the juices left in the roasting tin which as they are full of flavour they get used for gravy, this is exactly what salmon/lamb gravy is, at the end of the process these juices are added to the finished kibble to add more flavour.

Q. I have recently started feeding Millies and my dog is losing weight?

You may see your dog losing weight during the first few weeks as your dog is burning all the excess fat it has built up from carbohydrate rich foods. Your dog may have looked healthy but body fat tends to fill the gaps where muscle should be. Once your dog has stabilised in weight you will start to see an increase in muscle tone, this can take a month or two. The proteins in the food are being used to build muscle which takes longer to form than the existing body fad takes to burn.

Q. Can you tell me what temp Millies is made and how?

Millies is Steamed and not Baked, Millies is made by the world’s first Wenger TT3630 Thermal Twin Extruder. Millies use this system to extrude at much a lower temperature at approx 90°C which leave much more of the natural nutrients intact and to kill any microbiological risk.

Q. Is Millies Wolfheart suitable for puppies growth and development?

All life stages ~ All of Millies Wolfheart formulas can be fed to puppies as the nutrient levels are more than sufficient for their every need. Millies Wolfheart is only made from meat proteins. The protein and fat levels in Millies Wolfheart are much higher than those found in most carbohydrate packed dry puppy foods and adults foods. The calcium and phosphorus levels and ratios of inclusion are also well suited to the development of puppies. Millies Wolfheart formula's are developed for growth, reproduction and adult maintenance therefore suitable for all ages. Our team have created a guide filled with information about introducing your puppy to Millies Wolfheart products - Puppy Guide

We recommend that when your puppy gets to full height you switch to Adult Recommended Daily Allowance as your dogs needs for Proteins for upward growth is less it can take up to 2 years till your dog has filled out.

Q. Are any of Millies Wolfheart Foods suitable for older dogs?

All varieties of Millies Wolfheart are suitable for older dogs. Our Salmon and Veg range is especially suitable for older dogs as Salmon contains some the most easily digested proteins known to man. As older dogs are more prone to joint problems both the Salmon and Veg and Countryside mix contain natural ingredients to aid joint health and care with the added benefit of Glucosamine Sulphate which assists the creation of new cartilage and Chondroitin Sulphate which reduces enzymes that damage cartilage in joints, MSM helps reduce joint inflammation and is known for its pain reducing properties.

Overall all Millies complete working dog formula’s have been created with the dogs health being the most important consideration and the inclusion of the joint care ingredients which also offsets the onset of age related joint problems so your dog can work longer.We also sell great treats and would recommend Millies Moo Chews or Millies Whistleblowers are excellent for general joint care in dogs

Q. How do I change my dog onto Millies Wolfheart ?

See our feeding guides: Here

Q. How many times a day should I feed my Adult Dog?

Our recommendation is to feed your dog at least twice a day where possible.

Q. How many times a day should I feed my puppy?

Our recommendation is to feed your puppy a minimum of three times a day where possible. Our team have created a guide filled with information about introducing your puppy to Millies Wolfheart products - Puppy Guide

Q. Do Millies Wolfheart recipes contain salt?

No, however some people believe Sodium Selenite is salt however salt is Sodium Chloride

Sodium Selenite is necessary for cellular function in many organisms including all animals. It is an ingredient of many multivitamins and dietary supplements. Sodium Selenite is a necessary mineral for muscle formation and plays a critical role in the reproduction of cells. Sodium selenite or selenium is a required mineral under EU laws The European Pet Food Industry Federation - FEDIAF

Sodium selenite is an inorganic mineral and is found in soil, water, plants and most if not all meats and fish. Under EU laws, all dog food are required to contain a minimum amount of selenium in the form of either Sodium Selenite or Selenium Yeast . The actual amount of Sodium Selenite found in Millies Countryside for example is 0.53 gram in 5kg of food, this is the minimum amount that has to be present in the food to make it comply with the EU requirements.

Salt is not an element, it is a combination of Sodium and Chloride which are shown as separate elements on the periodic table “Technically salt can be any ionic compound formed by reacting an acid and a base, but most of the time the word is used to refer to table salt, which is sodium chloride or NaCl. So, you know salt contains sodium, but the two chemicals aren't the same thing” (extract from ‘About Education’)

Just because Sodium Selenite contains Sodium does not make it salt [table salt] as it does not contain Chloride.

Millies Wolfheart researched the possibility of using Selenium Yeast instead of Sodium Selenite but we discovered that the amount we would need to add to our dog food would be 10 times that of Sodium Selenite and so we chose to use the minimum amount of Sodium Selenite that is required under EU directives. We could not find any evidence to support the claim that using Selenium Yeast would be more beneficial than the Sodium Selenite and no evidence has been found to suggest this choice would be a better option.

What you do need to remember is, that a lot of this difference of opinion is due to marketing and the way different brands choose to market their products and this in turn, also influences people’s thoughts, opinions and theories.

Millies Wolfheart UK complies to EU laws: The European Pet Food Industry Federation – FEDIAF and not AAFCO which is American. Millies Wolfheart USA complies with AAFCO. If you need a further chat please don’t hesitate to call us