Feeding Puppies

All of Millies Wolfheart formulas can be fed to puppies as the nutrient levels are more than sufficient for their every need. Millies Wolfheart is only made from meat proteins. The protein and fat levels in Millies Wolfheart are much higher than those found in most carbohydrate packed dry puppy foods and adults foods. The calcium and phosphorus levels and ratios of inclusion are also well suited to the development of puppies. Millies Wolfheart formula's are developed for growth, reproduction and adult maintenance therefore suitable for all ages.

We recommend that when your puppy gets to full height you switch to Adult Recommended Daily Allowance as your dogs needs for Proteins for upward growth is less it can take up to 2 years till your dog has filled out.

Our recommendation is to feed your puppy a minimum of three times a day where possible.

If you have any queries regarding feeding your puppy Millies Wolfheart products, please contact a member of our nutrition team, available on 01535 280319 (option 3)

Our team have created a digital Booklet, filled with advice about introducing your puppy to Millies Wolfheart products - Puppy Guide